The Course

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The difference to other courses is that the sessions are adapted to your own personal needs and requirements to encourage the results you require. Providing Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and coping techniques.

The Hypnobirthing Childbirth Hypnotherapy process is based over 5 sessions on a one to one basis to ensure that your own personal concerns and worries are addressed and incorporates the use of self-hypnosis in addition to the Hypnotherapy treatments to ensure that the mother is as well-prepared and excited about the birth as possible. The mother will also learn relaxation and breathing techniques to aid the feelings of confidence and wellbeing throughout the birth and after. Partners are welcome at any or all of the sessions and will also be given the opportunity to engage and learn techniques that can be used  pre, during and after labour (antenatal and postnatal.) By experiencing the Hypnotherapy for Childbirth course you will feel the confidence and excitement of being a mum whether this is your first child or fourth!!!

The Hypnobirthing Course provides you with:

  •  Personal conscious techniques to deal with feelings of anxiety and fear

  •  Personal self-hypnosis techniques

  •  Personal Hypnotherapy at each session – pregnancy, childbirth, post pregnancy

  •  Partner contribution techniques

  • Personal audios available